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CATS costumes by nikki


hi!!!!my name is nikki and welcome to my site well first of all i make CATS the musical costumes and the reason for makeing this website is to sell CATS costume peices tails leg and arm warmers wigs (and for some characters) gloves! i`m new to this web site and when i figure everything out i will put pictures up of what i made

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my prices are * tails are $0.55 an inch i will need to know(or course) the length that you want * legs and arm warmers are also $0.55 an inch and (of course) i will need to know your measurements and also if you have a certain way you want them to look (if you have the picture) e-mail it to me if not decribe what you want it to look like(ya know what colors etc.) *wigs are $55.00 dollars (my wigs are made out of rug yarn if you want them to be made out of crepe wool it will cost extra) * and gloves are $26.dollars $4.00 extra for the fluffies on top if you are interested e-mail me at either or i will need to know your name,adress,city,state,and zip code also what character you want and the colors you want me to use thank you!! <3